Are you interested or are you committed

My son is very interested in playing golf.  He plays regularly, even in the winter when others are setting at home in the warmth.  He has a great game, plays daily, and spends time practicing.  He loves the game and has a keen interest in becoming better.


On the other hand, there is Tiger Woods.  Tiger is committed to playing golf.  He spends money and time to improve his game every single day.  He strives to learn something new to improve his game.  He knows that he is one of the best in the world and he knows that he can always learn more.  He has coaches that hold him accountable while he spends time and money improving his game.  That is commitment.


So are you interested in growing your business by referral, or are you committed?  


Common traits of those committed to a business by referral:


  • They regularly take the time to learn more about referrals
  • They practice what they learn
  • They have accountability coaches or partners
  • They implement systems in their business
  • They never make the assumption that they already know
  • They seek others who are working to do the same


Experts are committed to what they are doing, while amateurs are merely interested. Which are you? 



One response to “Are you interested or are you committed

  1. Hazel I really think this is excellent simple and to the point I am going to immediatley use this material love it. Thanks for sharing it

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