How Much are You Spending on Your Professional Development

How much and how often are you investing in yourself?  Are you taking trainings to make yourself better?  Stephen Covey says that you must “Sharpen The Saw” regularly.  Sharpen the saw equals sharpen your skills.  All to often Entrepreneurs spend so much time doing what they do but no time do they spend anytime at all “Sharpening Their Saw” .
Training is one of the most important things that business people should do for themselves.  Here is a mathematical formula to show you how much you should be spending on your training and education

Annual Income $,___________x 10% = Investment in your self improvement

I personally have invested more than $100,000 in my expertise as a Referral Expert with the Referral Institute.  How much have you spent on your personal and professional improvement?  This is not the place to cut your budget!

If you are going to be the expert in your field, you must keep your saw sharp or someone else will clear cut your forest!


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