Collaboration between Networking Organizations Benefit All


For years many of the Chambers of Commerce have considered BNI their competitor and in Indiana many people believed that Rainmakers and BNI were competitors, yesterday with Rave reviews from vendors, attendees, and speakers alike that myth has been busted.

Yesterday, Feb 5th, 2009 was the very First Int’l Networking Week Event in Indianapolis.  BNI, Rainmakers, Rainmaker University and Referral Institute went together to plan this event and attract other networking organizations to Collaborate with us.

The team of Lorraine Ball, Tony Sandlin, Hazel Walker and Nikki Lewallen whipped this event together like pros recruiting other organizations and getting people in the door. This team put the event together in less than six weeks bring groups together from all over the state.

International Networking Week proves that GIVERS GAIN works not only  individually but with organizations as well.  We had representatives from Confluence, Rainmakers, The Lawrence Chamber, The Bloomington Chamber, Toastmaster, Business Ownership Initiative, BPE and many more.  When organizations compete less and collaborate more the MEMBERS WIN!!!!

Next year the  event will double in size and in the years to come it will continue to grow and collaborate with even more organizations until it becomes the best Networking Event in the State of Indiana.


3 responses to “Collaboration between Networking Organizations Benefit All

  1. You are amazing Hazel, well done. Reading from the other side of the world you inspire me to want to do more. But you are right with this one, last year we had 21 organisations attend and the following year it doubled in size because no one organisation was there to compete on the day, just to share info and ideas – to network and we all WON!!!

    • I am glad that I inspire you. Collaboration is the true worth of great networkers. You do not have to lose for me to win, we can win together. Great philosophy in life too.

  2. Great stuff Hazel! This gives us all hope in our struggles with Chambers. Congrats on a job well done!
    “There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit”.

    Shawn McCarthy BNI ED

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