The Speed of Trust

The Speed of Trust

The Speed of Trust

I think that one of the best tips that I can pass along to all of you, are the books I have read and how they have impacted my business. This week I would like to tell you about a book that I believe is very pertinent to the referral process. The Speed of Trust, written by Stephen M.R. Covey.

Trust or Credibility is the most important aspect of building your business by referral. If a person does not trust you, they are never ever going to refer business to you. Equally, if they do not trust your team or business they will be reluctant to refer to you. In the past I believed that there was little that you could do to speed up trust or manage trust. That changed recently when I picked up a copy of “The Speed of Trust”. Speed and trust do not really seem to go hand in hand, after all you can’t rush trust or can you?

Stephen explains the high cost to organizations and individuals to have no trust or low trust. He also bust the myths that we have about trust and address the reality of trust, for instance it is a common belief that “You can’t teach trust.” Reality is “trust can be effectively taught and learned, and it can become a leverageable, strategic advantage.” Read the book to get the other 7 Myths.

The foundation of the book is the discussion of the 5 waves of trust, self trust, relationship trust, organizational trust, market trust, and societal trust with the steps and tips for building each of these levels.

BONUS:   Take a look at his website, The Speed of Trust there are variety of resources for you to take advantage of, get a Complimentary analysis of your personal credibility or an Online survey to assess the level of trust colleagues, friends, and others have in you. I was surprised by my results!

Get the book today, you will be glad you did!   TRUST ME!


6 responses to “The Speed of Trust

  1. Thank you Hazel. Trust is such an important part (I have been through VCP training with Referral Institute) of the process. Thanks also for the web link to the additional resources.

    • Steve, you are very welcome. Trust is important to more than just our networking and referral process. The book really shows what the financial impact of trust is for an organization and an individual. You will like the book and take advantage of the resources that Mr. Covey offers, I have!

  2. I once met the Great Zig Ziglar after one of his presentations. He is most famous for his line, “Nothing happens until some sells something.”
    I told him, “I think that does not happen until someone trust someone.” He did not disagree.
    Thanks for recommending this book, I will read it soon.

  3. When Covey states, “it (trust) can become a leverageable, strategic advantage”, I am sure he is assuming that because of our level trustworthiness, we are using that strategic advantage in a way where all involved experience benefits. I have found that the greatest way to move to trust quickly is to have sincere and genuine empathy, compassion, and concern for the needs of others. When that happens, everything seems to fall in place.

    • Thanks Sue. One of the things that I love about the book is he takes Trust beyond just the YOU and I conversation to the organization. Also, there are many levels of Trust, I would encourage you to take the trust quiz he has on his site. You will quickly learn more about trust. For instance people trust me, I rate very high overall, but when they began to break it down into its finer points, I was losing trust when it came to IMPLEMENTING the great Ideas that I have for the team….so they stop listening to those great ideas. Now, I try to talk about the Idea but show them the implementation as a way to build more trust in that area. It was very powerful for me to see where my actions were causing a break down without my knowing it.

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