Women are Natural Networkers

I have spent years networking with both men and women.  In that time I have noticed a lot of difference between how the two sexes network.  I have come to realize that Women  are really very natural networkers.

Building a strong network requires that you nurture the relationships that you have developed.  Women are very good at nurturing, they stop to do those little things that make others feel special.  They remember birthdays, they send cards, the give referrals and connections to others, and they volunteer to help whenever possible.

Women tend to be good listeners,  one of the most important traits of good networkers.  So they often hear the needs of others and seek to connect them to people who can fill those needs.  Acting as a matchmaker between the two.

Women understand and operate under the philosophy of givers gain naturally. They understand the old adage that it is better to give than to receive.  They are quick to give to others, they are quick to help, they are more than willing to introduce two people and help them to connect.

If you want to have a strong referral source in your network, ask a woman, she’s a natural.


2 responses to “Women are Natural Networkers

  1. Okay guys- Hazel has made it very clear that the gals are natural networkers. The good news for us guys is that networking is an aquired skill and can be learned. Believe me, I know. I was once the wallflower- now I teach networking skills for a living! Belonging to BNI is a great place to learn and incorporate networking skills into your daily routine!
    God created man before woman (you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece!). But that will not deter us, right guys? So learn, grow, and get out there and network!

    Shawn McCarthy BNI ED Ventura County, Ca.

    • Leave it a guy to take it as a challenge. I will have LOTS more to write on this topic since there are many things that the Ladies need to learn from the Guys too!

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