Twitter and My Network

twitterI am not a Techie but I do love technology and more than that, I love to network.  When I can combine the two together I am really happy.  Twitter has allowed me to do that!  One of the keys to nurturing your network is to stay in communication.  Communication also allows you to develop relationships that you can add to your network.  Twitter allows me to  maintain visibility and create credibility with my network.  Recently it has allowed me to create some profitability.

Here are some tips for those of you who want to use Twitter in your networking strategy.  These are a few things that you should know, beyond that have fun.

Important Things to Remember When Using Twitter

  • Be Authentic- Be you
  • Read Others Profiles and Tweets
  • Find Local People to Follow – Use Search for your town or city
  • Follow those who follow you – after you read their profile
  • Send a Personal Direct Message (DM)  to those who follow you
  • Do more than post your Blog or your website to the tweet stream
  • Retweet Others- Retweeting is key, when you read a good tweet, RT
  • Try to keep your follow/followers about even
  • Read and Comment on others Tweets/Blogs
  • Recommend others to follow
  • Keep it positive
  • Engage and again be Authentic
  • Go to some Local Tweetups & meet the people you have been tweeting with.
  • Follow your Network Members, you are able to communicate more frequently with them.
  • Lean more by following links that your followers will often provide.

Most of all, have fun, don’t become addicted, but be consistent in your tweets. You will find that you are starting to build relationships with some of the people you do not know and enriching those that you do.


7 responses to “Twitter and My Network

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  2. Fantastic advice. I don’t DM people who follow me. I get so many and I get so many auto DM’s myself I ignore them. I think I will start trying your advice about a personal DM.

  3. All very good advice! I think one of the most important is to keep it positive. If you are always complaining or dumping on everything, you will lose followers.

    I suspect that the handful of “sad sacks” I see on Twitter are probably very normal people, but Twitter has become their place to vent. I’m keeping an open mind for the most part, but it certainly will influence the way people see you.

    Sure, we’re not all happy all the time, but people on Twitter have very little to go on to know you. So I try to keep it as upbeat as possible.



    • I agree Beth, keeping it positive is very important. After a while I stop following the really negative tweeters. Thanks for your comments!

  4. Very solid advice Hazel. I have seen a lot of great results using Twitter to network…one of which was meeting you. It is amazing how responsive people are on Twitter compared to email and voicemail. I have more luck scheduling meetings using Twitter than any of the “traditional” methods.

  5. Love your advice, simple, to the point and for someone who has just started Twitter and still wanting to maintain credibilty but grow my twit follwings I will take onboard what you have written.

    • Thank you Glenn, I am glad you find the post helpful. I look forward to reading more of your comments and let me know if you have a blog I can read.

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