Hazel M Walker


Hazel Walker’s passion for lifelong learning, personal growth, and relationship-building has been invaluable in her evolution to serial entrepreneur, seasoned author and dynamic speaker.

Once a stay-at-home mom unfamiliar with enterprise and entrepreneurship, Hazel’s business acumen soared within a few short years when it became mandatory that she manage her ailing husband’s insurance business, Creative Brokerage Services. Diligent and indomitable —and dedicated to great customer service—Hazel turned both the company and herself into a success story—with sequels.

Today, she is the Executive Director of the Central Indiana Region of Business Network International (BNI), where she has won awards for her “Networking Strategies for Success” Conference, Outstanding Regional Performance, and innovative officers’ training. Most recently, she has been selected for the BNI International Franchise Advisory Board, Founder’s Circle and received the Founders Award

Hazel also owns and operates a franchisee of Referral Institute, a worldwide referral marketing training organization. As a Master Trainer, Hazel provides business-expansion expertise to entrepreneurs and corporations by teaching business professionals comprehensive referral marketing stratagem. In 2006, her franchise earned both the Top-Grossing Franchise award and the honor of hosting the Referral Institute International Conference.

Achieving goals in the face of adversity has instilled in Hazel another passion: mentoring, a calling she has formalized into a workshop with an optional one-year support program christened “Living Your Dream.”  she gives women both tangible and intangible resources to realize their coveted goals.

Hazel is a contributing author in the following books

Women Like Us by Linda Rendleman

Masters of Networking & Masters of Sales by Dr. Ivan Misner and Don Morgan

Hazel has written numerous articles and continuously conducts seminars and workshops worldwide.

If you would like to have Hazel speak at your conference or do a workshop for your  company or association meeting drop her a quick email.  Hazel@ReferralInstitute.com


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