Books You Should Read

Learn more to earn more.  Books are abundant, they are full of the information that you are looking for.  While reading a book is great, it is important that you find an accountability partner to help you implement those things that you read.

As a Coach/Mentor I hear over and over again how much my clients actually implement when they are being held accountable.  A book cannot help you if you do not actually use it.

Happy Reading and Networking

Hazel M Walker


One response to “Books You Should Read

  1. Dear Hazel,
    Hi my name is Dawn Billings and I am the CEO and Founder of the new women’s networking organization called The Heart Link Network.
    We launched in May of 08 and now have over 120 locations in 26 states, Canada and Australia. I love your work. What a jewel you are. We would love for you to post your blogs on our wonderful networking sites as well. Our members would love you.
    Thank you, Dawn Billings

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